1. So lucky to get to be a part of the @jordancodrey+@shaysilt wedding! I couldn’t be more excited for October 11, 2015. #ShaynaMarriesJordan #JordanMarriesShayna (at La Casa De Santos)


  2. Men of the Family #Santoast (at Belem)


  3. Kayaking in the Caves. Miss it already💦☀️ #Lagos (at Lagos, Algarve, Portugal)


  4. My race is definitely questionable (at Praia do Camilo)


  5. The view was worth the swim #Lagos (at Praia D Ana, Lagos)


  6. Eu encontrei minha casa em Portugal (at Ponta da Piedade)


  7. The Santos Brothers #familia (at Sevilla, Plaza De España)


  8. Chillin’ with Chuck (at Parque De El Retiro)


  9. So this is what a sunrise looks like (at Playa De Las Arenas)


  10. Barcelona I love you (at Parc De Guelle)


  11. #lifemotto (at Barcelona, España)


  12. Beachin’ 🌅🐳🌊 (at Valencia Beach)


  13. Life is way too good (at Valencia Beach)


  14. Exploring Valencia (at Valencia, España)


  15. #tbt to Paradise (at Cala Salada)